The primary reason I am running for mayor is that I love Florence. As I think about what will make Florence an even better place to live, both now and in the future, two things are clear. We need to have strong, vibrant neighborhoods, and a thriving, successful business community.


That is why I will work for policies that encourage families to come here and to stay here, and policies that incentivize businesses to locate, grow and make further investment in Florence.


I believe that a vibrant and healthy business climate is key to establishing a prosperous and sustainable community. As mayor, I will ensure that Florence limits and eliminates burdensome regulations on small businesses. I will work to keep payroll taxes and property taxes low to attract new businesses to Florence. I will focus on economic development for all of Florence, especially areas East of the expressway.


To incentivize families to choose Florence, I want to eliminate the insurance premium tax and work to keep property taxes low. I will also work to strengthen our neighborhoods by tackling the local opioid problem. Florence residents deserve a city that is safe, affordable, and constantly improving.


While there are other issues that are sure to arise both during the campaign and once I begin serving as your mayor, my focus will always be on strong neighborhoods and strong businesses. Florence has a great past, and I believe our future can be even brighter. I look forward to working together with you to make it so.